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Awagami, DPSB’s new Traditional Japanese Paper

Awagami have been producing high-quality fine art papers since the 18th century, they specialise in traditional Japanese paper making. The Fujimori family uses eight generations of knowledge to therefore produce amazing products. Furthermore, they have now moved into producing specialist inkjet-coated versions of their traditional washi papers, using the natural fibres and pure mountain water from Tokushima. Whilst still employing the traditional papermaking methods of tamesuki, papermaking using stored water, and nagashisuki, papermaking in flowing water. This expertise and technical nous result in Awagami’s inkjet paper retaining the subtle look and feel of washi paper, whilst still being able to perform in high-quality inkjet reproductions.

Awagami Logo

There are THREE main materials used in Awagami paper

  1. Bamboo – This created extremely soft paper whilst also being incredibly environmentally friendly with a small ecological footprint, especially when compared to that cotton. Bamboo is fast-growing and abundant throughout Asia. It is bio-degradable and does not require fertilizer or pesticides for a successful crop.
  2. Kozo – This is the inner bark of mulberry trees, it requires little chemical intervention to create high-quality, long fibres.
  3. Alpha Cellulose – This is the more typical wood pulp-based paper. It is made up of multiple sugar molecules bonded together to form a chain.

Want to know more about how traditional washi and Awagami paper are made? Check this Blog out from the Awagami Factory.

DPSB has a wide range of different Awagami papers for many different needs and uses.

Awagami Bamboo

This is made from bamboo fibres and is a dense silky-soft paper. It was originally developed for traditional printmaking and is made with the utmost care for longevity. Available at 250gsm.

Awagami Bizan

Each sheet has 4 organic deckled edges and reflects characteristics of handmade wash, whilst still being an effective inkjet paper. Bizan is a thick heavyweight paper that many artists choose to display unframed. Recommended for monochrome and colour photographs. This is available in natural or white papers, at either medium 200gsm or thick 300gsm.

Awagami Inbe

This is available at either a thin white version of 70gsm or a thick version at 125gsm. It can be printed on both sides, with the paper being made up of a mixture of hemp and Kozo fibres, with a subtle laid pattern. This is recommended for printing text pages for fine books or choice documents.

Awagami Kozo

Kozo is the main fibre used for Japanese washi and extremely durable papers, Kozo is particularly excellent for Asian style illustration and artworks. Recommended to use for photographic prints and artworks, this is available in natural or white papers, at either medium 70gsm or thick 110gsm.

Awagami Kozo Double-layered

This is a remarkable paper, it is a two-layered paper whose top printable sheets are made from 100% Kozo. This top sheet can be peeled off from the bottom release sheet after printing, revealing an extraordinarily thin printed sheet of 90 or 96gsm. This highly unique paper is particularly suitable for scroll paintings and artworks that are to be backlit.

Awagami Murakumo

Pure Kozo’s soft lean fibres create a rare beauty and lasting organic charm. Therefore this paper’s lovely texture makes it highly desirable for printing Asia artworks and lends a tactile beauty to photographers, and giclee prints and is often used in the production of antique documents. Furthermore, the paper’s unrivalled strength to-thinness ratio makes it ideal for hanging scrolls, artist books and folding screens. It is the very thinnest of Awagami’s paper products.

Awagami Mitsumata

This paper has a smooth and elegant look with a rich and subtle gloss. This has a minimal coating on the paper to maximise the elegance of the paper. This is a white paper available at 95gsm.

Awagami Premio

This is made by carefully laminating two sheets of paper together. They are easy to handle and extremely durable so they are often used for prints that are to be handled often. Vibrant colours and fine photographic details may be expressed succinctly on these sturdy papers. This is available in Kozo 180gsm and Unryu 165gsm.

Awagami Shiramine Postcard

The postcards are made individually by the traditional Tamesuki sheet forming method. They are thick papers that have 4 organic deckled edges. Suited for both photographic and fine artwork.

Awagami Unryu

This paper has a soft classic Japanese look through its organic swirling Kozo fibres. It is a very thin delicate paper available at 55gsm.

For Japanese fine art and inkjet reproduction, there is no brand on the market with quite the range, quality and expertise of Awagami, it brings an authentic feel and looks to the output, taking production to completely new levels.

If this is something of interest and you would like some further information or guidance feel free to email: henry@dpsb.co.uk, call: 02030060300, or continue to browse our website: www.dpsb.co.uk, we are always happy to help out.