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How Epson Print and Save can help your business

Are you overspending on ink? Have you got an older printer and finding the increased ink costs too expensive? Would you like to upgrade to a newer printer and save money on your monthly printing costs?

DPSB and EPSON would like to introduce the Print and Save programme that will help give you peace of mind for the years to come. 

With any new Epson printer purchased in the last 30 days (P-Series and T-Series) you will be eligible to access this monthly contract. This programme includes an extended warranty for your associated printer for up to 3 years.

Print and Save is an ideal solution for many businesses, it’s a beneficial way to give customers lower ink and supplies prices as well as full support and warranty on new Printers purchased. 

What is Epson Print and Save?

Epson Print and Save is a managed print service with a 3 year warranty, it’s a simple no hassle solution for people who buy ink for their printer regularly. 

Every month you can order ink from the online secure Epson ink portal, as well as have peace of mind knowing your printer is protected under Epson’s warranty for 3 years. 

It’s a three year agreement between you and Epson, where with just one monthly payment for supplies and services, you can get your ink delivered free of charge next day to your door. It can offer businesses savings when compared to buying ink and services separately. 

The Print and Save services gives you tighter budget control as you have a fixed monthly price with the convenience of always having supplies to hand without overstocking and peace of mind with a 3 year on site service warranty. 

How does Epson Print and Save work?​

What are the benefits and who is this service best suited to?​

Benefits include:

  • No more delivery costs for your transaction ink purchases
  • Prepare your ink needs though your portal
  • Spread the cost at a fixed price
  • 3 year on-site warranty ensures that should there be problems at any time during the contract, professional help is always on hand

Who is Epson Print and Save ideal for?

Anyone with an eligible printer who regularly buys ink can benefit from this service, the 3 year warranty and fixed monthly price, means you can estimate your costs and if something should go wrong, you won’t be out of pocket.

Whilst Epson Print and Save is suitable for all with an eligible printer, it has the biggest cost savings to those with older Epson printers. As hardware gets older it can also become increasingly difficult to find the right ink for your printer at a competitive price, meaning older printers are becoming increasingly costly to run. The new range of Epson’s printers not only have much cheaper ink prices, but also produce higher quality prints faster. Print and Save is an ideal way to save money on printer inks and upgrade your printer.

Here at DPSB we understand that a new printer is a costly investment, therefore we have different flexible payments options such as PayPal Credit, or leasing.

Leasing a new printer from DPSB with the Epson Print and Save package as well, allows you to invest in a better printer, get an extended 3 year warranty for peace of mind and ink delivered straight to your door monthly. With this ideal combination, the investment of a new printer and cheaper ink is made more affordable as you can pay for it over a set period of time, protecting your businesses’ cashflow. 

See how Epson Print and Save worked out for this business

Barnsley-based Folio Albums manufactures and supplies high quality fine art wedding and portrait albums for professional photographers. 

Steward Randall, from Folio Albums says 

“Our old 7900 printers were no longer available from Epson and I didn’t want to run multiple ink sets, the new printers are all under the Print and Save scheme under warranty… with a three year lease and three year warranty, it all synchronises perfectly for us” 

Folio Albums ordered their seven new 24″ Epson SC-7000 printers from DPSB, then an estimation was made as to how much ink they expect to use over the three years, based on this we set them up with the right ink contact from Epson. 

Every month a set direct debit goes out to Epson, it’s as straightforward as a phone contract. Folio then request ink, maintenance tanks and other supplies up to the contracted value. Plus, there is the 3 year enhanced warranty, for peace of mind should anything go wrong, Folio is protected. 

Folio made the commitment to the contract and so benefit from a better price. DPSB are proud to be able to offer companies the Print and Save scheme as it is a beneficial way to give customers lower ink and supplies prices as well as full support and warranty.

If your business is eligible you can combine the DPSB Photolease scheme with the Epson Print and Save contract, to make an affordable investment in your business. 

“By leasing the printers it means that the lump sum of cash can remain in the business and we can distribute the cost of the printers over the duration of our contract”

If you want to find out how DPSB and Epson can help your business, get in touch. Call 020 8466 7230 or email sales@dpsb.co.uk