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PlusTek OpticFilm 8200i SE Film & Slide Scanner

The OpticFilm 8200i SE is a high-performance 35mm film and slide scanner that outputs brilliant digital images from analogue film. It’s ideal for digitizing slides, colour film and black and white film.

It’s the perfect scanner for professional and amateur film photographers, and people that simply want to convert their old film and slides to digital format.

The OpticFilm 8200i SE uses a CCD sensor with 7200dpi high-resolution, specifically designed for film scanning, with 48-bit colour bit depth that captures all the details from the original film. The scanner’s infrared channel removes dust and scratches eliminated the need for extensive post-processing correction.

£279.00 inc. VAT: £334.80

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Part No.: 0226UK

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PlusTek OpticFilm 8200i SE

The OpticFilm 8200i Ai Film Scanner from Plustek is able to convert all your 35mm negatives and mounted slides into digital files so you can edit and view them on the computer. With a high-resolution 7200dpi sensor with a 48-bit colour depth, this scanner can capture all the detail from your originals. Protect your work with the scanner's built-in infrared channel provides dust and scratch removal. DPSB also sells the PlusTek OpticFilm 8200i AI Film & Slide Scanner. The OpticFilm 8200i SE and LaserSoft Imaging’s SilverFast software make for a good combination. Users can benefit from SilverFast’s intelligent automatic functions which help to make the process of various adjustments much easier and get brilliant results. For example, SilverFast Multi-Exposure® reveals more shadow details and creates less image noise. Meanwhile, the SilverFast iSRD® uses the built-in infrared channel to remove dust and scratches without losing details, and SilverFast SCC® provides selective colour changing with just one click. Firstly, the Plustek OpticFilm 8200i SE scanner is bundled with the newest version of LaserSoft Imaging’s acclaimed scanner software – SilverFast 8. The WorkflowPilot® guides users through all scanning processes step by step. Secondly, the new graphical user interface allows users to enjoy quality results with an easy learning curve. The preview mode immediately shows the results of any adjustments. Therefore the SilverFast 8 is multitasking capable and supports the latest 64-bit hardware. Above all the Plustek OpticFilm 8200i SE offers the best film scanning solution for web sharing and printing. It targets all home users, lomographers, film photo enthusiasts from all professions, amateur photographers, professional photographers, and those who highly demand image quality.

State of the art imaging system

The Plustek OpticFilm 8200i SE is designed with state-of-the-art illumination and optical systems. It uses a high-sensitivity colour CCD sensor and LED illumination to ensure optimal image quality. The built-in infrared channel detects dust and scratches on the film surface and automatically removes them.

7200 DPI High Resolution

This dedicated 35mm film scanner features true 7200 dpi optical resolution that ensures sharp and vivid images. Output files up to 68.9 megapixels are similar to those created by a full-frame digital-SLR camera. You can create high-quality enlargement prints up to 36” x 24”.

High Dynamic Range

Dynamic range is the range of recordable light from darkest to lightest on the exposed film that a scanner can read. With a dynamic range of up to 3.6 D, you will rediscover how beautiful and natural the highlights and shadows are in analogue photography.

iSRD - Infrared Dust and Scratch Removal

Slides and negatives always have small dust particles and tiny scratches on them, even when handled very carefully. The OpticFilm 8200i scanner has an infrared channel that finds all the dust and scratches on the film surface. Infrared light has a very wide wavelength, which allows it to pass through film emulsion of negatives and slides without resistance, as opposed to scratches and dust particles that reflect it. SilverFast iSRD utilizes this behaviour as follows. The image is scanned two times - the first is the regular scan and the second is the additional infrared scan that captures defects like dust and scratches only. Then the calculative dust and scratch removal takes effect, only where the infrared channel has detected any defects without losing any important details. In conclusion, the OpticFilm 8200i Series can automatically remove the dust and scratches from the scanned image. Dust and scratches are removed during the scanning process eliminating the need for post-process removal of dust and scratches.

Key features

  • A built-in infrared channel can detect dust and scratches on the surface of the original negatives and slides. It is highly useful for defect removal without retouching the images.
  • 7200 x 7200 dpi (69 Megapixels) for 35mm Negative film and mounted slides. 48-bit input, 24/48-bit output
  • Up to 3.6 Dynamic Range Enhanced Multi-Exposure Function for improved image quality 64-bit hardware and software support
  • Support Windows 7/ 8/ 10 and Mac OS 10.7 ~ 10.15, users can download drivers from the Plustek website.

Name PlusTek OpticFilm 8200i SE Film & Slide Scanner
SKU 0226UK
Specification No

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PlusTek OpticFilm 8200i SE Film & Slide Scanner

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