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  • FAQ: Do I have to compromise on print quality if I want to save time?

    On our stand at The Photography Show 2016, we greeted a number of amateur photographers seeking advice on a variety of photography-related subjects. One topic that came up time and time again was printer speed vs. print quality. For photographers, quality of print is obviously crucial. There’s no point spending hours setting up a shot and then painstakingly editing it only to find that your printer doesn’t bring out the beauty of the image. Continue reading

  • Get To Know DTG Solutions

    Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is a process of printing on textiles and garments using specialised or modified inkjet technology. DPSB’s sister company, DTG Solutions, specialises in DTG printing. DTG Solutions know that DTG printing can be a very profitable business. From 28 February – 1 March, they will be exhibiting the award-winning Epson SC-F2000 direct to garment printer at Printwear and Promotion Live. Continue reading

  • Colour Management: ICC Profiles

    Colour consistency is achieved by utilising a global industry standard known as ICC Colour Management. ICC stands for 'International Colour Consortium' - the organisation which first introduced the system. Continue reading

  • Adobe RGB vs. sRGB – the lowdown

    Adobe RGB and sRGB are two of the most common working spaces used in digital photography, but there can be some confusion on when to use which.  Continue reading

  • Using Photoshop to Get the Perfect Print: Choosing the Right Rendering Intent

    Colour management is essential if you want a photograph to look as perfect in print as it does on screen. There are many tools you can purchase to manage the colour of your images, but a crucial first step in the first process is ensuring your Photoshop settings are correct.   Continue reading

  • Join us at our free Epson Print Technology Day

    On Friday 20th November, we will be demonstrating the latest Epson printer technology at our new showroom. Whether you are a photographer, studio, gallery, fine artist, T-shirt printer or retailer, there will be something from Epson's latest printer range waiting to be discovered at this free-to-attend event. Continue reading

  • How To Achieve The Ultimate Black and White Print

    When using a standard printer, achieving a high quality black and white print is far more difficult than achieving a colour print that looks great. If a printer has just three colour inks or three colours and a black, then black and white prints may show a distinct greenish or magenta tinge under some lighting. This is because there is no neutral grey between pure black and the white of the paper. How can you avoid this and produce the perfect black and white print? Continue reading

  • Top Tips for Printing Onto Canvas

    You’ve finally taken that perfect photograph and you want to proudly display it on your wall. Printing a photograph onto canvas is a fantastic way of bringing it to life, adding a whole new dimension to your image. Follow our top tips for printing onto canvas to ensure the end result is as brilliant as your photograph. If you’re in the printing business, offering customers the option of canvas prints can be very lucrative. Learning how to successfully print onto canvas could vastly increase your business’ profits. Continue reading

  • Our 3 Key Tips For Choosing The Right Paper For Your Photos

    Printing an image is very often one of the most rewarding parts of the image making process. Creating something tangible from a myriad of digital images is a very exciting moment for most people, but an amazing photograph can immediately lose its impact if it’s not printed on the correct paper. Before selecting paper, you should think about the effect you want to achieve. There is a whole range of things to consider if you want to make the most of your photos. We’ve picked our top three tips to choosing the correct paper. Continue reading

  • Get to know the Epson SureColor P800 Printer

    It can be a challenge for creative professionals to find a printer that meets their requirements. Photographers, Artists and Graphic Designers all rely on a high quality printer to show off their work to the highest possible standard. The perfect shot or design needs to be enhanced by the perfect print, and the Epson SureColor P800 is designed to deliver for serious professional use at home or in the studio. It offers greater printing flexibility, expanding the creative capabilities of print. Continue reading

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